About Us

About Us

Hey there!

Wild Whiskers is an endeavor by me, Uday Hardikar, a photographer and nature lover at heart. My journey in this exhilarating world began when I felt right at home in my first ever jungle safari in ‘Kanha National Park’ in 2008. And after that trip, I never looked back! Since then, I have been a regular visitor to various jungles of India as well as Africa. ‘Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve’ in Maharashtra is a personal favourite, with more than 30 visits till date. My previous job was working with the Income Tax Department for 30 years. However, as my passion for wildlife reached new heights every passing year, I opted for voluntary retirement to pursue my true calling.

Arranging for safaris in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is our speciality. Of course, you might wonder why you can't book tickets for yourself. What I wish to tell you here is, exploring the wild with an experienced enthusiast can really make a difference, especially when you are being introduced to a whole new world. So, I invite you to experience raw nature through jungle safaris with Wild whiskers. We offer customized trip planning as per your requirements, choices and preferred dates. 

I hope I can make you fall in love with nature, the way I fell all those years ago.

Warm regards,

Uday Hardikar.

About Us
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